Every moment lingers,
begging my heart to fall deeper
into this hopeless, clutching, craving, wonderful feeling
and I listen.

I hang upon every word as if it were rosewater in a desert.

A flower in a minefield

but warmth, a touch
in the middle of the night.

To wake
and know;
I’m not afraid,
I’m alive.

Your words fill my ears
like the song of sweet birds flying north,
signaling the warmth to come.
Songs of love tumble from my soul
through my heart,
off my lips,
like honey flavored sun-shower rain

spinning, free,
being born
under drops of bliss

I never thought I’d feel this way again.

Your words keep resonating in my head –
A song I’ve only dreamed of.
I believe I was never truly alive
until I hung on every stroke you wrote and tone you spoke

inspired by a sign that binds,
transgresses age and space and time,
death and life
and finds us soul-locked,
spinning, free –
– Pause, rewind
and let me hear it

Divine and sweet
like wine in silver goblets
under chandeliers

but here
and now.

I never thought I’d feel this way again.

EJZ 02.24.2015

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