The beast in our hearts

The darkness behind
the falling rain

We can’t see or hear
the pitter patter,
only feel the cold fire

pulling down to the depths
where it all began
and ends
for those who let it
become them.

is the parasite of man
that turns hearts into hollows,
begs you to follow,
unassuming –
souls for small change.

The burden we’re given
insidiously so,
and though we haven’t asked,
it answers
in the darkness
where it can hide
and creep slowly
until you don’t even know the difference
between your blood
and your tears;
“Cheers!” –
a cup in each hand,
as it drinks each
and draws you in for more,

wringing our spirits out to dry
and soaking them
in heated kerosene
until there is no more.

EJZ 3.3.2015

5 thoughts on “Guilt

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