Survivor Poem

To be kicked
below the surface of the ground
and to grow.

Maybe you didn’t know this
but I’ll thank you
for stuffing me down
in the dirt, where the seeds rest,
incubated by soil, by darkness, by dirt,
seeing not what lies ahead –

Can’t see the forest through the trees they haven’t become yet
but they will;
Can’t breathe the air they haven’t the lungs for
but they will;

The world, it always turns
in good orderly direction
and my God
may have been your hand
but only until I found a gentler one,
that turns the world,

but I’ll thank you –
I needed your hand to show me
I’ve got two of my own
and two feet to run
and two eyes to find light in the darkness
and two lungs to breathe
even when your hand is pressed over my lips
to suffocate,
to silence,
I breathe.

I’ll thank you –

Maybe you didn’t know this
but I am a diamond;
Put me under enough pressure
and I’m going to shine.

EJZ 02.19.2016

2 thoughts on “Survivor Poem

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