Winter Thoughts

The month of December is the weirdest time of year
where things are meant to slow down,
to freeze,
and all us humans go completely insane
with consumerism,
always wanting more.

Drops of rain turn snow
turn bird call south.
Flags fly half-mast.
Wounded souls and soldiers
of this life-battle
are left dusty and frozen over.

Does cryogenics freeze the soul?
Can I keep myself here
in this warm little box of safety
gone denial?
Would you stay with me
and forget the past?
Can we resolve to never forget what happens
when the clocks turn Eastward
and the grass melts?

My heart smells of pine and
the scent of mistletoe burning.
Kiss set fire to my soul
Now darkness sets in
on afternoons where music used to play
on beaches after rain
and the moon was almost as bright
as the sun.

When can we visit again?
When can we play pretend?
Color my sky.
The sea in my eyes
longs to drown you.
You’re my pebble
at the bottom of the ocean.

Can we resolve to never forget what happens?

EJZ 12.28.2015