Haikus of 2015

Here are some haikus I wrote 2015 strung together into a multi-ku.

Love creates all things;
The tips of fingers, filling
the space between time.

Early June evening –
Summer heat graces my cheek
with beads of sweat

I’m trying to find
a reason to love you but
you just really suck.

Drunk people are not
patient, especially when
waiting for pastries.

Wine-bottle window –
Seems better than looking through
Rose-colored glasses

Justice is best served
with a glass of sangria
and ironic prose

I’m remembering.
How difficult it is, but
worth remembering.

I am in distress
but not your fucking damsel –
Princess saved herself

I’m tired of fighting.
I’m resigning my army.
Take the guilt with you.

The grass grows up to
meet my nose and fill it with
freshly watered scent

I’ve loved you before.
I will love you tomorrow.
I love you today.



Five Haiku


Cool mist lagoon
Traipsing stone and flower bud
Daffodil laughter

Length of fingertips
I could reach out and touch God
If I wanted heaven

I would just stop here
Press lips against cheek, drip down
Sweat leaving outline

Connecting the dots
Past to present to pleasure
Leaving me misty

Look, we missed lagoon
Exchanging telepathic
Did we create it?

In essence, it’s ours
Lost hearts promise innocence
Let’s waste some more time

EJZ 08.13.2015