Evening Meditation

The laughter of brook
scrambling over brambles
through the brush of wood in morning –
Cool to touch,
with dew and dark,
blinking at the sun

As fingertips run over,
it does not splinter.

Its bare flesh against the winter pale
blinding in the dawn-light
Pristine at sunrise
Innocence still kept
harbored in its hollows

I can smell you,
dare not press you to my lips,
a whisper stead of kiss,
a promise –

’til springtime,
Keep me tender
’til summer heat will dry your skin
and crisp beneath the autumn wither
when Earth takes back
her endless minutes,
and silence
fills the winter air
with just
the sound of laughter

EJZ 10.14.2015


Five Haiku


Cool mist lagoon
Traipsing stone and flower bud
Daffodil laughter

Length of fingertips
I could reach out and touch God
If I wanted heaven

I would just stop here
Press lips against cheek, drip down
Sweat leaving outline

Connecting the dots
Past to present to pleasure
Leaving me misty

Look, we missed lagoon
Exchanging telepathic
Did we create it?

In essence, it’s ours
Lost hearts promise innocence
Let’s waste some more time

EJZ 08.13.2015

Sea Poem IV


I lie here, still,
in the sand
and am washed over
by thoughts of your touch.

I feel the ocean move toward me
Hear it, longing to enter the depths of my heart,
my body
my soul.

I see your face in the salt of the sea.

You move close enough to tickle my feet
and tease me with an ebb and flow of your tide.

Consume me in waters,
my restless one,
my sea-struck song,
my uncrossed bridge.

I long to taste you on my lips
and be washed away
by the crashing sounds of your love
and my bliss.

When you look with the depths of your dark ocean eyes,
you’ll find me,
in the sand.

EJZ 05.04.2015

*Photo by Laura Farrell

Empty Sea


I hear you begging,
crying out

but far too cold for company.

You inch, closer
to the tip of my toe

but shy away

then try


with restless misery

and retreat.

You crackle like fire –
There is warmth within you –

Perhaps you’ve forgotten.

Please, let me show you,
you have a gentler greeting.

Timid, I sit
for you to remember

we are sisters
in empathy –

I taste you in my tears.

Nature Poem


This poem is written in two columns. You may read it in two ways:
1. The first column, from top to bottom, followed by the second column, from top to bottom.
2. Horizontally, reading both the first and second column continuously.

I understand this is not a proper “Square Stanza” and I am no Lewis Carroll

but I still did something pretty fucking cool.

So here you have, “Nature Poem” (click picture to expand):

Screen shot 2015-07-17 at 9.20.22 PM

EJZ 06.04.2015