Forward Motion

becomes trust
becomes broken
becomes lost

becomes fire
becomes risk
becomes cost

becomes love
becomes something
but it’s not.

We think
We love
We don’t
We move on

We think we love.
We don’t.
We move on.

EJZ 1.23.2015


Where are we and where have we gone?
I remember dreaming but don’t know for how long
this can last.
If what’s passed is in the past,
if we only see today then we never have to ask

Are you satisfied
with this double-standard, misplaced blame?
This love is a tyranny and I am the slave.
I’m jaded.
Should I sleep to dream potentials, better days?
Or wake to see how much has come to fade?

EJZ 1.25.2012

Stuck in Motion

Caught between denial and confusion
Addictive comfort in delusion
An illusion
What is right is what is wrong with me.
Back to reality –
A life insurance policy
When I’m gone this is what’s left of me –
A dollar sign, a theft, a dream
in which we’d see, trust, love, believe
If we could wake up
from the lies we’re fed on silver spoons that splinter –
The taste is bitter on my lips
Kissed with an afterthought –

Ignorance is bliss.

EJZ 1.7.2015