All We Need


It was a day that stopped time.
Frozen, but for feathers floating on the gentle breeze.
Calm, peaceful, warm
but winter.
Feather-dust droplets
quietly kissing the sky goodbye.
You could pick them out and count them –
Suspended in one moment –
You’d stop breathing just to see
and they would breathe for you,
whispering as they fell
like angels from heaven,
showering the earth with sparks of light,
“I am here for you.”
The expanse of time contained in a single moment
“This is all you need.”
Caressing the ground on which they land
and settling in –

I am here and I am yours and this is all we need.

EJZ 03.08.2015


Gray, bleak,
damp, winding,
tender, cold,
stark, gaunt
And I am so inclined to venture out
down roads that look as this one.

Mild, worn,
secret, scorned,
pondered, shivered,
heavy and lost

From whence did I come?

The dimly lit street lights
with the chipped rusty paint

The faint fog of dusk and dew

Too cloudy for sunrise

A mist of dusty wherewithal
and the quiet feeling
in the sunken surroundings –
The crux of my heart
Profound, following
the gleam of the shadows
providing just enough to hold on to

Bound to the core of the earth by the soles of my feet

The sun contained in a single spark

The healing power of time

EJZ 03.05.2015

On Your Birthday

I dreamt I was in a field of four leaf clovers
Emerald green
Soft enough to let them hold me
Rocking me in the sunlight
The freshest air my lungs had ever known
The scent of the newness of spring
and rebirth
and sunshine
and no rain.

And then I remembered what you told me,
that your thirteenth birthday
was on Friday the 13th
and that made you the luckiest man alive
because luck
and life
are what you make them.

Dedicated to JLZ
04.13.1943 – 01.14.2010
Happy birthday in heaven.

EJZ 4.13.2015