Cloud dusts over starlight,
shielding gray on gray.
The empty space next to me reminds
I am alone.
Breathe in –
Mood ring blue depths
instead of sky
Looking for reflection,
beg connection
Somewhere in the dark of night
to hope to see
your face, breath
washing over me
like ocean mist and drowning –
I wonder if you think of me,
look next to you, alone at night,
miss the rise and fall of my chest –
It’s all I can think of when I look to the sea
as time passes through my fingers,
silky and delicate like sand.

EJZ 08.19.2015


Empty Sea


I hear you begging,
crying out

but far too cold for company.

You inch, closer
to the tip of my toe

but shy away

then try


with restless misery

and retreat.

You crackle like fire –
There is warmth within you –

Perhaps you’ve forgotten.

Please, let me show you,
you have a gentler greeting.

Timid, I sit
for you to remember

we are sisters
in empathy –

I taste you in my tears.