Water washes coin to sea
down leg, drips patient
tracing lines
longing for fingertip kisses
and time wasted,
is not wasted time.

Ask me about what I left behind.

I can taste your voice,
cool breath sighing to sleep.
Sing one more time so I can remember
danger in your eyes, begging,
first step in leap of faith over sky
knowing no motion but flo
no question but why
Time wasted, enjoyed,
is not wasted time.

EJZ 08.03.2015


Networks of veins run through life
like dew drops counting time
in dreams untouched by shadows of shame
and seconds colored by the fruit of the day.

There is peace in the sun
though she cries at night
while the moon hangs heavy in the sky –
Limber, with the scent of dusk
in the orange tinge that takes hold
of her faint farewell to daytime.

Drifting off to dreaming
where the petals turned to dust –
Phased not by nature’s passing
Instead, said,
connect to pieces unwrought,
fragmented and full
like the drops of time still uncounted.

EJZ 07.24.2015

Untitled II

Life goes on whether you show up or not.
People change.
Things happen.
Time goes on
apart from your existence

but you’d never know it
because you weren’t there.

You’d only know if you’d show up.

But then other things would happen
unbeknownst to you.

Are we missing out on all those things
we try to believe haven’t happened?

Who are we?
How do we choose?

We go to sleep and wake up
and so did everyone else we see the next day
but we never think
about that –

until one day

doesn’t happen.

Time goes on.
Things happen.
People change.

Some of them don’t wake up.

And then what?

Life still happens
like nobody knows
or remembers
because they don’t –
they’re too busy

not showing up.

EJZ 03.30.2015